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Pastor Mark Byers

Pastor Byers was born to Christian parents in Pennsylvania in 1950 and was the youngest of six children. His family moved to Michigan in 1953 and he was raised in the city of Detroit. He accepted Christ as his savior when he was a small boy and his parents taught him to obey the Lord. He made pleasing the Lord and following His ways the priority of his life and while attending high school he received the call of God to the ministry. He began to seek the guidance of the Lord to know how he was to prepare to fulfill that call. The Lord led him to attend Elim Bible Institute in Lima, New York, and he graduated in 1970. During his years at Elim he married Sharon DiMusto, the daughter of Alfonso and Donna DiMusto, who had been pastor of Calvary since 1960.

After graduation Pastor Byers served for a time as an assistant pastor in Reading, Pa. and then moved to Royal Oak and became the assistant pastor at Calvary. He continued in that capacity for two years and became aware of his lack of life experience. The Lord led him into the construction business and he became licensed as a residential builder in Michigan. He continued to serve in the leadership of the church while continuing to seek the Lord regarding his call to the ministry. In 1977 he was asked to pastor a church in northern New York and he accepted that position and served there from 1977 to 1983. Pastor Byers was then asked to become the senior pastor of Calvary and having accepted that invitation has served in that capacity until now.

Pastor Byers has a burden for missions and has traveled to various mission fields and taught in a number of different bible schools. His three brothers and one sister have served the Lord as missionaries in Guatemala, Botswana, Philippines, Japan, Israel, and northern Canada in the arctic.

In March of 2001, the leadership of Calvary was directed by the Lord to spread pastor’s teaching beyond the limitations of the local church and “Kingdom Living,” a daily half hour radio program was established.

Pastor Byers and his wife Sharon have 5 adult children and all of them are faithfully serving the Lord in Calvary Christian Church. The emphasis of his ministry is directed toward building sure foundations in both the family and the church. He believes that the bible clearly reveals that the message of the Kingdom of God is the only way to establish a firm foundation and that the strength of the church and society begins with strong families.