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Kingdom Living is the radio outreach ministry of Pastor Mark Byers and Calvary Christian Church in Royal Oak, Michigan. Pastor Mark’s distinctive teaching ministry has touched thousands of lives challenging believers to break from a careless, apathetic Christian life, to a life of holy, intimate fellowship with the Lord.

In his straightforward, no holds barred manner he shares truths with the spiritual authority of the Scriptures and historical Christianity. In over 40 years as a pastor he has ministered in local churches, Bible schools, and various mission fields sharing the gospel of the kingdom of God by leading listeners to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to walk in the liberty of God’s redeeming grace.

Kingdom Living is broadcast daily, Monday through Friday, covering Southeastern Michigan, and heard throughout the world at OnePlace.com.

Listen and be challenged to live God’s kingdom life!

  M-F @ 6am, 10am, 8pm
  Alternate Sunday @ 10am

Mon-Fri @ 10:30am, 9pm

  Listen now - 24x7!

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